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Firstly, thanks for visiting our site. Whether you are looking for a DJ, or are a DJ looking for work we hope you find the site useful. Now, a little about where it all came from.....

I have spent many years as a DJ trying to find work, advertising, demo CD’s and even employing agencies. It was all really expensive and not overly successful. I came to the conclusion:
  • Demo CD’s rarely get listened to
  • Advertising is so expensive and very hit and miss
  • DJ agencies take a huge percentage of takings and most sites look like they have never seen much traffic.
We felt there was a real lack of a directory / agency / community, that allowed any DJ to cost effectively promote themselves, receive secure and legitimate feedback. was born.
This site and business is really geared up to get DJ’s more jobs, give them an area they can customise, upload music, photos, videos, manage their feedback and show their availability. It really gives any DJ or business a great advertising mini-website to work from. Most importantly, it allows the good DJs to flourish whilst weeding out the con artists and the unrelaible!
This site will be used by the general public, promoters, local bar and clubs and large national entertainment chains, anyone looking for a DJ!

For consumers, there were just too many ruined Wedding Receptions, parties and bar / club nights by incompetant or unreliable DJs, that we decided to try and think of a way of giving consumers some idea of quantifying the quality and reputation of the DJ they intended to hire. We realised that before that hiring a DJ for an event was really just a lottery.  
In summary, IWantA-DJ offers a revolutionary and innovative solution, whether you are looking for a DJ, or are a DJ looking to maximise bookings. Our background in the music industry has given us the experience, knowledge and most importantly contacts to ensure that the DJ and consumer make a booking between themselves with total confidence. We have provided a unique site that is yours to use and benefits DJs, businesses and any event organiser. This site will really put the right people in contact with each other, as our motto states… Providing DJ's Nationwide!
Our long term direction is to roll the business concept out across all service sectors, with precisely the same principles; quality, efficiency, security and simplicity. At present though our feet are firmly on the floor with IWantA-DJ, gaining DJ's and those looking for them - watch this space! 

We hope you enjoy our site and find it useful!

Neil & Paul
(Founders of IWantA Ltd)
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